Sunday, July 11, 2010

Independence vs. Interdependence

Independence is great! It's tempered with the fact that to have the lives we lead we are also interdependent. Some people are entirely self-sufficient, breeding their own sheep, creating thread and yarn, weaving cloth, making clothes, planting crops, etc. Most of us, especially those of us Internet enabled, do not lead entirely self-sufficient lives. We need others for reasons of money, resources, companionship, and more.

To take it one step further, most of us are entirely interdependent, relying on people for childcare so we can work, or in my case relying on my partner to keep an eye on my car's health so that my mind is free for other things.

In what ways are you interdependent, and how can you honor your interdependence? This is the topic on Monday's Let's Heal the World Together BlogTalkRadio show.

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