Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dealing with Loss

It's a shame -- this is such an important show. I can't really justify the ~$480 it would take to upgrade to BlogTalkRadio's (BTR) pro level. So they only allow 3 shows a month on their free account level. I've been holding Let's Heal the World Together calls for almost a year now (August 17th 2009), but since it's not a money-making venture, and there's not a huge following yet, and since this is such a new venue for me, I'm just not ready to fund that type of commitment yet.

So there's no BTR show this week. HOWEVER I'm so in-the-habit of having a show every week that I've got a topic for Monday that just can't wait. I'll re-air the show in the future on BTR -- I'm sure to need a fill-in-show sometime. But this week we're back on a conference call line.

This week I recorded about 30 minutes of a chat I had on the topic of "Letting Go" with Sheila Pearl in preparation for Monday's Let's Heal the World Together show (the show that won't be on BTR yet!). Sheila is a life coach here in the Hudson Valley of New York, but she has the unique experiences of losing her daughter at 8 months old, and spending over 10 years dealing with her husband's failing health and going in and out of hospice and hospitals before he left the world. She now is a speaker at health conferences on the topic of long-term illness and bereavement, counsels people dealing with topics of our own mortality and loss of our most dear loved ones, and is the author of Still Life, with more books on dealing with difficult transitions yet to come.

Sheila also insightfully brings the topic to dealing with any loss -- of home, pet, fortune, employment, etc. We all go through the same basic phases of mourning regardless of whether we have lost people.

July 26th's call will be at:
pin 425081#

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