Saturday, June 26, 2010

I create, therefore I am

Inspiration informs creativity. Creativity informs creation.

I have been a creative person all my life, a dabbler in many arts, fine or otherwise. I've sculpted in clay, I've created jewelry with saws and sandpaper, I've built wood projects, I currently crochet, I write.

In this art of reaching out to the essence of inspiration, we are touched by something beyond simply our mechanism of logical thought. We must set aside our ego to bring a creation into reality. In this process of divesting ourselves of a portion of our psyche, we leave ourselves open to the process of being touched on a deeply profound level whether or not we realize it.

In creating a story, we create the characters in ourselves. In writing a poem, we lapse into a filter of metaphor and the grace of poetic license. In weaving cloth, I tie together the loose ends of my reality into an orderly rhythm or pattern. In sewing I join the fabric of my separate realities. In sculpting, I build structure from nothing or cut away obstructions.

When we sing, we are being sung. When we write, we are being written. When we sculpt, we are being sculpted.

More about this on Monday's Let's Heal the World Together.

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