Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our "Father"

Tomorrow is Father's Day, and I'm calling the day after our Other Fathers' Day. There's so many ways to honor our collective and individual "other Fathers".

On those occasions when I honor Earth and other Earth Religion figures as male entities, I honor Father Sun, I honor the god/Father in the men in my life (in a holy sense), I honor the old Father spirit of the forests that I picture much like a very large pinetree-haired man with a white beard (Hey, it's my picture :) ). In the shamanic sense I've interacted with many male deities, and many of the Totem spirits are personified as male. There's Kokopelli, and Old Man Coyote. In the private realm, I also honor Fate and a little tongue-in-cheek: I pay homage to "Murphy" -- that god of irony (as in "Murphy's Law").

In the Interfaith sense, dealing with more contemporary religions, I honor G-d and Jesus, Angels, Saints.

In my life there are all the "other fathers" I had when growing up. The male father-figures who helped me have a more balanced view of men.

There's the fathers of our country to also honor, in addition to simply "Presidents' Day". The fathers of mankind ("First Man" and Adam, depending on one's perspective).

What "Fathers" do you honor on "Our Other Fathers' Day"? Join us on Let's Heal the World Together Monday at 5pm EST (2pm PST) to talk about it.

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