Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moving Radio Show Posts

I don't think many people are reading my posts here, so I've decided to take advantage of the BlogTalkRadio blog feature to do pre-show-notes introducing the topic of the show. The traffic there is much higher and if someone tunes in to the show-in-progress maybe they'll see my "thoughts" in the previous blog post and get the drift of what's going on on the show.

The posts I've been posting here are in some ways my preparation for the show. Just making sure that 1-2 days before the show I'm giving some thought to what I'm going to talk about in my opening statements before opening up the lines. It's worked very well for me -- and it helps people become more interested in the show, since I sometimes like to use cryptic titles for episodes :)

So you'll find future show-note-posts at BlogTalkRadio. You'll find other thoughts sitting right here.

Here's show info in the meantime:

Listen to internet radio with Lets Heal the World on Blog Talk Radio

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