Sunday, August 8, 2010

Critter Companions

When I was growing up, we had all sorts of critter companions, or furry family, in our home. We had gerbils, dogs, cats, and finches, not always at the same time. I did spend some time without animals in my home and they were sorely missed.

I now have 4 cats And they all have very different personalities. My cats are "The 4 kitties of the apocalypse: Whiny, Lazy, Petulant and Curious" -- their names are Cocoa, Squeaky, Talon and Gizmo respectively. All my other critters are the ones who want to be outside my windows like deer, groundhogs, cardinals, bluejays, rabbits.

There are many benefits from having animals in your family. They seem to feed the soul, give companionship, cat's purrs are at a vibration that encourages healing, dogs are loving and loyal companions, and more. There are many health benefits to having critter companions, such as feeling a sense of responsibility to nature, enjoying beauty, fun and laughter, stress relief, and evoking love and passion.

This week's Let's Heal the World Together on BlogTalkRadio is about our furry (feathered, scaled...) companions and all the wonderful things they do for, or evoke in, us.

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