Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Geek Your Resume

Why didn't I put this in my blog? I have no idea.

I wrote an awesome article for geeks (and anyone) on the steps & styles needed to build a proper resume. Back in May of '06. I guess I was explaining the process to someone and went whole-hog and created an article on my website for it, and I forgot to mention it in my blog for all of Technocrati to see.

With so much competition, your resume is the first thing people are going to see. You want to stand at least head, if not head & shoulders, above your fellow jobseekers. I spent time as a tech recruiter, and I say that probably 50% or more of the geeky job-seeking force needs a serious Resume 101 class. Since you're not likely to stop playing World of Warcraft long enough to take a class, but still need a job to pay the monthly fees (not to mention electricity and ISP), I'm going to give you a little boot camp (or a boot somewhere else) so you can get up-to-date.

I've included Word and Open Office resume templates with my Geek Your Resume article. With style sheets. I expect you all to get off your collective buttocks and look for work. Now.

Good luck out there, soldiers! Make me proud!

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