Thursday, January 25, 2007

E.T. Client & Portfolio update

Preamble: I have decided I don't like Gallery2 as my portfolio application. I'm going to be working on moving back to PmWiki for my portfolio in the future -- so my latest work is not in my portfolio.

I re-created the Business Exchange Network's website in December, 2006. The old site may still be available. This is a template rather than custom design, however I custom programmed several features for the site, then donated the instructions on how to do it for other sites back at the application project site. This site incorporates a calendar, member business directory, and each member has a profile page that acts as a mini-website for them. Since a few people in the group don't have websites, this gives them a real place on the web to call home until they decide whether they want a website.

I helped out at KwicTax, LLC - programming a form on the site, adding required fields, and generally making the form and subsequent information revealed after filling out the form behave properly.

An ongoing client is up to her usual beautiful designs - Apryl of Silverflux Design has been outsourcing programming and general geekery and software installations to Eclectic Tech. This week we finished working on the Serendipity bead store website in Canada. My handiwork is the calendar and newsletter subscription integration.

In-progress Sites

Almost completed: Beth Ward of Jaidens Jewels has requested a website redesign and shopping cart. This work is in progress and if you'd like to see it before it's finished, feel free to email me.

Almost completed: Chris Zino of Zino Technical Services in Bayville, NY has requested a website design and wiki application -- he's absolutely thrilled to be using a wiki and is already creating pages on the site, and I haven't even gotten around to training him yet! :) At the time of the writing, we're still hashing out the logo for his business, and once the logo is decided we may well be changing the colors on the site, but the site is up, works, he's in business, and his contact info is there if anyone needs home audio installations, networking installation or repair, computer service, or a dozen other techie services on Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk Counties), he's your guy!

New Client: I'm under contract for the redesign and reworking of Orange Environment's website. I've started working, but there's nothing to show yet. Orange Environment is a non-profit that has been working to save the open spaces of Orange County, NY for 25 years. This is their 25th Anniversary website overhaul, and this year they'll be holding an Earth Day celebration on April 21st. Location(s) TBA. If you see my company name at the bottom of the site, then I've made progress enough to go live on my work. Until then, if you want to see the development site-in-progress, feel free to email me.

New Client: My newest client is Middletown Community Health Center (MCHC) who has requested a modernization and more features for their website. Again, if my company name is not at the bottom of the page, you're looking at their old site. Ask me for a URL for their development site-in-progress. As of the time of writing, I haven't gotten that far yet :) but work should begin shortly.

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