Thursday, January 19, 2006

Staying Green!

Our planet is teetering on the edge of natural disaster. We're working on making allys of nearby environmentally-friendly printers.

Eclectic Tech, LLC also performs many habitual acts to preserve the environment:

  • we rarely print and the printer is always off unless needed

  • our printer is a duplex printer -- it prints on both sides of a page

  • we can print 4-up to a page (2 pages per side) on our printer and still be comfortable reading or proofing -- thus a 16 page document takes only 4 sheets of paper to proof, and because the print is smaller, less toner-per-letter is used (if anyone can point out soy-based laser toner, we'd buy it!)

  • we use 100% post-consumer acid- & chlorine-free paper (Bless you, Xerox)

  • all light bulbs in the office & house except 1 are compact florescent

  • during daylight hours we only work by sunlight streaming through the bay window in our office

  • we only drive when we must -- we're close enough to the grocery stores to bike there in fair weather

  • we buy in bulk whenever possible, and religiously recycle

I'm sure there's more, because these things are habits more than expressly thought out as an angle to sell my business. It just occurred to me that people might be interested in how green this high-tech office runs.

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