Saturday, May 22, 2010

Inner Voice or Outer Voice

In meditation we get quiet with ourselves.

When we are quiet, we can access messages that are not usually accessible. Some may call it our "conscience" or our "intuition", some may simply think it's another layer of our own thoughts.

This quiet voice, the voice so easily drowned out by the usual churning of our thoughts, can speak in urges, in pictures, in feelings, in thoughts and in words.

Almost universally this little voice carries words and messages of wisdom, of peace or of purpose and passion. Indeed when we are overcome with fear, this little voice is drowned out by concerns, by exhaustion, by panic, by worry, and by the whirring of our conscious thoughts.

Many voices speak inside of me. Some are part of me, and some I attribute to the voice that comes through my connections to the spirit world, like the spirits are whispering softly in my ear and I hear it in my head. I always have the question of "Is that an inner voice or an outer voice?"

On Let's Heal the World Together this week, the topic is "Intuition and the World Beyond". What is listening to our intuition? Do we perceive listening to that voice as inner or outer? Has it ever led us down the wrong path? Do we trust it?

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  1. Interesting topic. Did the group decide the "voice" was trustworthy or a fake? Can it be trustworthy in 2009 and not in 2010?

    Humor enabled: Sign in dentist office: Please be nice to our dentists - they have fillings too. #pun

  2. One can become skilled at setting aside your ego. Also there are ways to tell. We can always fool ourselves, and it's a journey to come to a place of inner trust and skill of knowing when your ego is in the way.

    When you come to a topic through love, or inspired divine passion to fulfill your life's purpose, it's harder to fool yourself. However, one must learn how to differentiate real love from a need to massage our ego or our squishy parts.

    So I would say the voice could be trustworthy in 2009 and not in 2010. Where are you in life right now? What fears have crept in? Are you able to set aside the whirring voices in your head and come to a quiet place and truly listen? If you are really listening, not speaking to yourself, then you will hear the truth. You must set aside fear and ego to do that.

    There's a big difference between listening and telling yourself what you want to hear.