Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boycott the Recession

Click for images to spark the imagination on how to think differently about the so-called recession.

I don't know about you, but I didn't ask for a recession (or depression, or whatever....). It wasn't on my list of "things to do" this year. It's not on my resolution list. And it's not even on my bucket list.

I've decided to boycott the recession. I refuse to buy into it. It's like the guest you really wish you didn't have to invite to your potluck -- they don't bring a dish and they eat for 20. And they pick the best dishes to eat. Nothing left for anyone else. Well, I've decided I don't care if I piss off Uncle Sam, this person ain't coming to my bar-b-que.

Maybe you'd like to join me. I have created a group of images, badges, stickers, funny sayings -- stick them wherever you want as long as you keep to the "by" attribution requirement. Put them at the bottom of your email, on your blog, on a card in your wallet. Or don't. If you find them offensive or silly, then move along. I don't know what colors people need them in, so I didn't get fancy with colors. It's a boycott, not a Gala.

I'm especially fond of "While you were out griping..."

I've been saying it for a while, but avid networker Dr. Ivan Misner inspired me (in this YouTube video) about buying in to the recession. He met someone with a "I ABSOLUTELY refuse to participate in this recession" button. That's what did it. Criss on inspiration. That means "Watch Out!" to anyone who knows me. If anyone is actually interested in my hastily-designed buttonfest, I'll make this one easier on you and actually slice up the images so that you can post them individually on your website with a transparent background where warranted....but if no one wants the images, I won't bother.

Keep working, keep thinking, keep dreaming big, keep your head above water, and don't stop doing the doggy paddle. You know, all that law of attraction stuff, right? Don't think fear. Don't feed the mental commiseration going on. You're running a business! Think of sales closing the way they should. Think of checks in your mailbox. Think of how much your business is going to grow. If your business is growing double this year, you have a lot of work to do -- "Sorry guys, no time to gripe...." or, as one of my images says:

"While you were out griping could have picked up a client."


  1. This is Criss after a long weekend at work. heh

  2. First off let me thank your chopping out the badge. It is on my blog.

    Maintaining a positive outlook is so critical to succeeding. A persons view of the world will effect their demeanor with customers, color decisions and generally play havoc with their performance. Being upbeat won't guarantee success, but it sure will take one more hurdle off the track.

  3. You're right, Joe -- negativity is a sales turn-off. Imagine you go to a networking event -- case in point, the Orange County Chamber's Members on Monday luncheons. You're in a room with the Chamber president, senior staff, and 20 peers. And all you want to do is gripe about the economy. Whoa!! You have 19 potential customers OR referral partners in the room!!! Get busy with your elevator speech, look for cross-promotion opportunities. If each person in the room knows 500 people (trust me, they know MORE), you're looking at an opportunity of a lifetime -- you'd best put your best --- POSITIVE --- foot forward. Don't talk about the economy. That's like shoving your foot in your mouth instead.


  4. I love your messaging Thanks for telling people to get out of their self created “fog”. This recession will end one by one when people chose to stop if for themselves. Enough already. Turn off the negative news and start sharing success.