Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Entering the 4th Dimension -- uh year.

Can you believe I founded this LLC in 2004? On August 24th (or was it 25th?) it will be the anniversary of Eclectic Tech, LLC. Officially 3 years old, I'll be entering my 4th year of business. Oogie. I can see ghosts of business past already.

My next several weeks are going to be hectic. Post-mortem of yesterday's conference, all the business meetings normally held 3rd week of the month, all the meetings and business I put off so I could handle last-minute tasks and stress before the conference...and getting my kids back from Mother before packing them off to school again.

And I've said this before, but there's always time for you. I love helping people out.

Today I sent someone to ICANN to see if they could recover their domain name -- why would I take someone's money to scramble to replace their website at a new domain name when they might recover that name legitimately?

I have a few appointments to help my client Linda Borghi of Abundant Life Farm to network in the region and gain clientele. I'm training two clients. The normal networking events like the Orange Networking Alliance. And I'm trying to remember where I left off when I put my business on pause for a moment.

The conference, on the other hand, went well. I'm so glad I didn't have to handle every detail. I thought, the night before the conference, "Oh, no, I need evaluation forms for my workshops!" and had to give that up -- no time. When I was there the next day, there were evaluation forms. I have to thank Susan (QED, LLC website coming in the future...) for handling details without needing me [I have a serious "If you want something done right..." complex!]. And Joe, her husband -- I would think we either took turns keeping Susan sane or took turns doing things that needed to "just be done". I like that synergy. People with focus getting things done. I could go quietly insane for a week and no one noticed :) Linda Borghi unknowingly helped keep me sane. It was better to focus on someone else's needs than the billion things I should have been doing, but would only have stressed about and never accomplished anyway. I had honest moments of peace in the tsunami of anxiety.

I apologize if I missed a phone call, missed returning a call, missed a hint that someone wanted me to do something, or somehow made a commitment that I didn't keep. What a month! I could list the accomplishments, such as the 92-page Business Edge website, but then you'd think I was bragging. :)

And I thank all the people who helped out at the conference. Thank you!!! I had a WONDERFUL time and didn't have to run around taking care of "stuff" all day. Joe & Susan & Frank Lowell and I think the other woman was Andrea at the registration made my day terrific by taking care of all the minutia.

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