Thursday, May 25, 2006

Green Thumbs

My mother has the best green thumb I've ever seen. Must be those Missouri genes. I've been struggling with crappy store-bought vegetable seeds. It takes nearly twice as long as the package says for the sprouts to break soil.

My mother comes here one weekend, we plant tons of green beans -- they're her own seeds matured from her garden, which is several bean-generations old by now. We must have planted about 40 seeds in my tiny garden. A little "Mommy Magic" and a lot of watering, some rare rain and dreary days for once followed by sun, and 10 days later, the beans are breaking soil.

All my life, my mother has had a garden. Even in Brooklyn, NY, she's always managed to find some dirt to grow something in. My luck with plants extends mainly to the wild, cultivation is shaky, and indoor plants near impossible. I managed healthy aloe plants indoors but most others have died due to my incompetency or an indoor black-thumb curse.

But outside -- I coax wild plants to grow where I scatter their seed, I plant store bought seeds and they escape to grow between the cracks in the pavement, and I have a great eye for wild plant identification. Show me ornamentals and cultivated plants and I have a low rate of recognition, but I can recognize about a hundred common wild plants on sight. I also talk to the plants and trees, but you wouldn't want to know what they have to say about you ;)

When we filled my garden with my mother's bean babies, I had another 5-6 left in my hand. Put them back in the #10 envelope my mother brought them in? Why? So they could sit there doing nothing? No way! I tossed them amongst the cornucopia outside my garden and commanded silently to the sleeping vessels: "Go forth, and multiply!"

At the least, if they succeed, they'll give the rabbits something to chew on.

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