Wednesday, March 1, 2006

cuz I'm a wooooo-man

Ok. I'm gender agnostic on the inside, but I'm 100% certified genetic female on the outside. My Djinni is a bit androgynous, I guess. In email I only introduce my gender if someone requested a female for a specific (and good!) reason.

Yet, when a client calls on the phone, they're always taken aback that I'm female. I know that female artists are commonplace, but I'm also a programmer, a Linux admin, and competing in a fierce male-dominated field. Maybe I should make it much more obvious that I'm female. Once I get my woman-owned business certs, I can flaunt them, but for now, it's me, that's all you have, and I'm female. 2 homebirths to show for it. Deal :)

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